4 Magnificent Android Apps To Your Edit Photo Background

Change photo background, we are blessed with technology to which we are able to actualize almost everything that our heart desire. One of which is changing the background of our photos so we are looked to be somewhere else or in a condition that makes our friend get amazed when seeing it.

If you are an Android users you can repeatedly change your photo’s background according your heart content.

In fact in one of the 4 applications to edit photo background here doesn’t require you to spend much time to manually changing it. Because you can simply change your photo’s background automatically or you can also alter its background into white color or transparent.

Wanna try one of these photo background changing apps? Then you are invited to firstly read the review of all the apps from IxPlain.Info.

4 Application to Edit Photo Background in Android

1. PicsArt


Big chance you’ve already heard this app. Aside as the best editing photo app, you can also alter and change your photo background in PicsArt.

PicsArt enjoys the award as one the reliable photo editing apps that can run smoothly on Android Operating System based device. The app gives easiness for us by simply cut the part of our photo, then we can enter the cut photo to the background we like. We can adjust the photo to meet our like like adjusting its bright, resolution, until the filter. To cut the picture, we can use tools such as cutout (scissor) feature.

So are you ready to change your photo background to be more interesting? Just head to this page that will brought you to the Google Play Store to install PicsArt.

2. Background Eraser

Background Eraser
Background Eraser

Background Eraser is dedicated for editing photo background. handyCloset Inc, as the developer of this app, had attached various features to accommodate users altering their photo backgrounds. This app works with very easy method. Firstly, the user only need to cut the part needed from the photo.

One more thing, Background Erases can juggle your background into transparent, this is good if you want to change your background with other background you like. Once you have cut the photo, you can then add picture into the new background. Easy huh?

In case you want to faster and easier road, then you can use the Auto Mode feature to erase pixel automatically. Hm, are you interested to give this app a try? Just head to Google Play Store page here to download and install it to your device.

3. Auto Background Changer

Auto Background Changer
Auto Background Changer

This app is exactly for those who want to skip all the rush to change the photo background manually. You can automatically and quickly change photo background with Auto Background Changer.

SnapTools—as this app developer—offers easiness for users to quickly change their photo background. Aside from that, you are given with various features installed within the app that you can immediately enjoy. Among the features are automatically or manually change your photo background. Or you can also enjoy the magic tool feature that will automatically editing your photo to be cooler. This app also provides the ability to share your edited photo to social networking sites.

Curious to know more? Just head to Google Play Store then install this app.

4. Change Photo Background Editor

Change Photo Background Editor
Change Photo Background Editor

This is another photo background editing app available for us. This app provides easiness in editing background of your photo.

You can simply cut the picture then attach it to any background you like. You can also erase your photo. And there is a transparent tool too to make your background transparent and adjust its transparency using the Opacity feature. Well, what are you waiting for? Go to Google Play Store to download and install it now.

Well that’s all, you can pick one app from the above or try them all to finally sort which one the best for your productivity and please to leave a comment to enlighten me about your favorite photo background editing app.

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