Worry Not, You Can Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages Before Sky Falls

Delete sent WhatsApp messages, no wonder your friend spouted wrath at your ear or your lover hated you,  because you delivered lines you should not in WhatsApp.

That’s—off course—happened because you didn’t know how to delete the message you’ve sent on WhatsApp. Now after finished reading this article you will know.

Well my friend, there is a feature called Delete Messages—provided by WhatsApp—that you can use to delete a message you’ve sent to your friend in WhatsApp. This feature was created to give a second chance for people like us. So now we can stop wishing we have some kind of time machine to take us back to the time when we haven’t sent the message to them.

And on this post you will learn a complete yet a short tutorial on how to use the delete message feature on WhatsApp application. So let’s get started.

How to delete messages sent on WhatsApp

So to save yourself from doing the same mistake that put you in the misery situation you hate so much is simply doing the following steps.

We have two options to choose one is deleting messages for everyone and second for me, to find the difference between the two just dive into the tutorials my friend.

To delete messages for everyone

  1. Now open WhatsApp.
  2. Chat with your friend.
  3. Sent him a message.

Then in case you’ve changed your mind and wishing you can delete it. And hopefully your friend hasn’t read it.

  1. You can immediately press and hold your sent message.

    Press And Hold WhatsApp Message
    Press And Hold WhatsApp Message
  2. then tap on this icon WA Garbage Can on top of your screen.
  3. Then select Delete For Everyone.

    Delete Sent WhatsApp Message
    Delete Sent WhatsApp Message

Hopefully your WhatsApp friend hasn’t read it—so they won’t find out what words you have delivered to them.

Once again: Delete For Everyone means, the message will be deleted for you and your WhatsApp friend or recipient.

Delete only for you

But if you only want to delete the message only on your device’s screen just select Delete For Me. Selecting this option will not delete the message to your friend only to your WhatsApp.

Delete Sent WhatsApp Message For Me
Delete Sent WhatsApp Message For Me

This Delete For Me option is if you don’t mind if the message read by your WhatsApp friend. You only need to delete the message for you, so people that can open your device can’t read it.

So easy right? Well of course WhatsApp made it so easy for us to use it.

But if you prefer following the instructions from video then I have provided the video tutorial to achieve the same purpose.

Additional tutorial: If the situation is otherwise, that means it’s you who get the deleted messages and curious to find out what the deleted message is? Then head to this page to discover the truth.

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