Curious To Know Deleted WA Messages? Come Here Now!

WhatsApp tutorials, if you are curious what messages deleted by your WhatsApp friend? Then you will be guided through the entire processes to find out your friend’s deleted WA messages on this article.

One day your Android device notifies you there is a new WhatsApp message from your friend, naturally you immediately open the WhatsApp app to find out what the message is, but unfortunately you get the unwanted notification that your friend has deleted the message which is the message was deleted.

And now you are in profound curiosity, curse yourself for not being quicker than him, well that’s happening because you haven’t installed an application namely Antidelete to your Android device.

On the other hand, I have it installed on my Android device, therefore no WhatsApp messages can get away from my watch.

This app will catch every messages sent in WhatsApp and put in its store for you to see. So anytime your friends delete theirs messages—before you have chance to read them—then you can simply open the app and read their deleted messages.

How to see the deleted WhatsApp messages

See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp
See Deleted Messages On WhatsApp
  1. Oke now open your Android devices.
  2. Head to Google PLay Store.
  3. Then search for Antidelete: View Deleted WhatsApp Messages.
  4. Install the app, give it the needed permissions.
  5. Once done, open the app.
  6. Now you can monitor all the messages sent by your WhatsApp friends, whether the messages are deleted or not.

Still confused? No worry, you can watch the tutorial video below.

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